Duke Boyne

804 S 4th Street
Rogers, Arkansas 72756
dukeboyne@gmail.com | http://www.dukeboyne.com

Work Experience

Freelance Interactive Production 6/2005 - Present

I work with advertising agencies, interactive agencies, film groups, and corporations to produce and design interactive content.

Owner at Zero Hundred Zulu (0000Z) 2016 - Present

I produce marketing and social media campaigns, material, digital photography, video, and webdesign.

Lead Developer / Designer - Shurley Instructional Materials 2013-2016

I was hired to make pre-rendered animated lessons, and instead, I created Shurley Instructional Markup Language (SIML), which is a universally applicable data structure for describing any sentence and its various parts of speech. With SIML we were able to streamline the process of lesson generation. I created tools for inputting this data and syncing it to audio tracks, and components for displaying this data on various devices. I created educational videogames. I also redesigned and maintained the corporate website, and built and maintained components for teachers and students when needed.

Founder at SkyPie 2009 - 2011

I developed and integrated client facing interfaces for our marketing platform.

Senior Developer / Producer / Information Architect - Cranford Johnson Robinson Woods 10/2006 - 2010

Advertising. Banner building. Web site designing. Campaign planning. Interface building. etc.

Director of Technical Design 10/2005 - 6/2006 Waymack and Crew, Little Rock, AR

Built relationships with several advertising agencies as their main outsourced interactive department. Created new interface solutions, such as a physics based, stackable multimedia desktop. Worked with large clients directly to create web based tools.

Senior Technical Designer / Content Specialist 1/2004 10/2005 Stoneward, Little Rock, AR

Interface design and implementation. Concepting. Project planning and directing. Software engineering. Problem solving. I created web-based campaigns for all of our large clients.

Lvl.3 Creative Design Specialist 8/1998 - 1/2004 Acxiom Corporation, Dallas, TX

I create demos and prototypes of new applications. I develop internal custom software that link with Acxiom data sources to display them in new, interesting, and useful ways. I facilitate the integration of data with external client/partner software, and internal custom Flash interfaces. I create marketing material for web, print, and trade shows. I also deal with clients directly, work trade shows and events, and help build important, trusted relationships with many Fortune 100 companies. I also serve as a consultant to various teams on Flash, data connectivity, and information design. With my interaction and leadership, my team succeeded in reducing operating costs and creating new revenue streams for our partners and us.

Designer 8/1994 - 1/1999 Self-Employed, Fayetteville, AR -- Dallas, TX

Freelance Web and print design.

Developer 8/1997 - 8/1998 Arkansas Center for Technology Transfer, Fayetteville, AR

I authored an interactive component to a suite of graduate level, nationally distributed engineering textbooks. I also created a set of interactive training modules for the United Stated Postal Service.


5/2000 Edward R. Tufte - Presenting Data and Information, Arlington, VA Certification

Fundamental strategies of information design.

5/1998 University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR Bachelor's Degree

I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science with an emphasis on programming and Internet multi-media.

6/1989 Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

Studied art, architecture and design before transferring to University of Arkansas.

Skills and Experience