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Long ago, I was born on the bayou in double south Louisiana; Terrebonne General Hospital in Houma, Louisiana; the end of the world for some, but the beginning of the world for me. I grew up cooking, fishing, dancing, celebrating, playing music, and all that implies. I adore the south. I attended LSU (1988) with every intention of becoming a Designer and an Architect, but a call from high school friends at the U of A brought me to Fayetteville, AR to play in a rock band (BE). I began working as a print shop apprentice/warehouse stocker/rogue car valet/freelance designer/web developer in Fayetteville in the early 90's to support and enhance a career in music, while intermittently attending the University of Arkansas.

After I graduated with a degree in Computer Science from the University, I accepted a job as lead project producer/designer for Arkansas Center for Technology Transfer (ACTT). This led me to a position as a Creative Design Specialist at Acxiom Corporation based out of Little Rock. I built many trusted relationships with clients and colleagues during my tour at Acxiom, and at the end of my fifth year there, I was approached by Stoneward agency with the opportunity to be their Senior Technical Designer / Content Specialist. After two years at Stoneward, I went to work with local designer and animator John Jacobs at Atomic Tomato / Waymack and Crew before accepting a senior interactive design position at CJRW. In 2009 I left the agency to form an online targeted marketing company called SkyPie. For the last four years I have worked at Shurley Instructional Materials as a software designer and new product developer.

So if you can get through all of that, I design things, program things, come up with concepts, create and implement interface solutions, figure things out, and hopefully have a good time doing it, and doing it right.

Here is my work resume.

"In anything at all, perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away, when a body has been stripped down to its nakedness." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery


BE3 is coming. Beware... BE3 has gone.

BE3 is a reinterpretation of my 90s epic wall-of-sound outfit, BE, as a three-piece rockmachine. Our first official show is in the big room at Georges in October of 2016.

A Loud Recital

October 14, 2016, Georges Majestic Lounge

Weird things that don't make sense out of context

Games (mostly Actionscript (apologies))

Band names
Band names into the space.
Fun, fun, fun, with hovercrafts. I always wanted that hovercraft that you could build in "Popular Mechanics." Never could find a spare lawnmower engine... Flash is so wild, this thing is 9kb!
Derby Daze
This is what Thunderpucks was the prototype for. I did all of the development and physics. TribalDDB in Dallas did the art and the game mechanics.
Cookiepussteroids (Carvel)
Graphic designers and copywriters come up with the wackiest ideas! Let's make a game where this ice cream based mascot flies his spacecraft around and shoots ice cream sundaes in space. You can do it! ...makes no sense. But I did it, and somehow I infused the sprinkle cannon with the visceral punch of a Vietnam-era copter-mounted mini gun. P.S. It's for kids so it's easy... duh.
Ice Cream Falls (Carvel)
...or ice cream falls into the sea unless you catch it with... wait for it... a whale shaped cake made of ice cream. It must be the dope.
Sack Race (Barton's)
I was charged with creating a sack race / trivia game for an internal corporate contest. I am happy with the result. It's got a dynamic camera that follows the race, and it's a simple one-button interface. The trivia questions are complete sillyness that I made up as placeholders. I broke out the quiz content as an external XML document, so that the client could modify the quiz questions and answers right up until the end, without having to touch the presentation layer.

Web Sites

Waymack Media Scatter
This actual site is no longer up, so this is an abbreviated version that I pieced together. Rigid body dynamics. Interactive video. Cool sorting. Physics. Dynamic adaptive "play area." It's got it all.
Donald Roller Wilson (2000)
I did this many years ago, when I was just starting Flash. It's a little rough, but showed promise. A little flashy, and driven totally by Roller, who is a mad genius. He did give me a painting. It's beautiful.


Interactive Invitation
I already had the 3d engine built. You can click and drag onscreen to move around.
Rich Media Group
Very similar to above. ...but it rotates.
Danny's Birthday Invitation
Oh my, this is really silly. I just found it on my computer. It's something I did a while back, but it made me smile.


Multi-variate data display
This is a custom data display that runs off an XML data source. It shows how various demographics transition through life.


3d Gravity
Sometimes little tests end up being cool. This is like an executive desk toy.
3d Matrix 1, 2
This is sort of test for some of the things you may have seen earlier.
2d Particle
Is what it is...
Dynamic Abstract
I have this friend, Toma, who is this really great artist, but sometimes he just quits painting. So I decided to write an application that copied his intentionally primitive, Basquiat-like painting style. It was a real challenge to make a computer draw like a human... with intention but flawed execution. It looks nothing like his paintings. Here are some initial tests. Drawing test.
Motion Blur Test
How many motion blurs can you handle?
MP3 Player
XML based mp3 player that loads external MP3 files, and diplays their id3 tags.
Multi-channel mixer/looper
There is currently no actual way to synch or embed multi-channel audio in Flash (as far as I know), so you have to fake it a bit.